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Waste Water Management

Soilmaster has been involved in waste water management projects for a number of years.

These go from piggeries, wool scours, abotairs and small effluent schemes for individual house owners or builders.

We are linking some information here for you to use in the domestic industry.  

Soilmaster also provides environmental service, geo technical reports for EIS,  site reports and contaminated sites. 

Soilmaster has notes on waste water systems and waste water notes, together with a diagram on linking greywater management into the house or design.

The other areas that have information are various and we would like to direct you to some further reading on waste waste water management and errors in the literature used by Councils to assess reports into geo-technical management areas or waste water management on site or on small areas and developments or hauses without access to public sewage management.

We have seen errors in these documents [known as "The Silver Bullet" in the industry, such as on site sewage management by Department of Local Government, which has numerous errors.

These have been subject to papers directing users to where these errors are located in the publication. One of these was by this author in 1998 Silver Bullet Errors, directing the reader to numerous soil interpretation errors.

These errors can make use of the publication by an assessor, incorrect and consequently, development and building applications, invalid at worst. The publication, despite numerous requests has not been withdrawn from use by the Councils of NSW.

The publication requires a qualified/ certified soil scientist to make reports, in a similar way to that of structural engineering reports and designs. Councils routinely have not met this requirement and have allowed unqualified people to submit reports, with no representation as to any understanding of the field, nor qualifications in the field of effluent management, much less soil science.

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