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Intensive Soil Sampling : A Critical Step in Tapping Hidden Yield Potential
Last week I was carrying out a property survey to put together a property management package.

 What options can I advise ?

 After such a great spring, the pastures were fence high, the pasture yields have outstripped the ability of the grazing stock. In general it has been a good year climatically, but with little joy for the landholders to rejoice about and with low returns and high cost inputs.

 But life must go on !

We must become more aware of all our management options which can employ to make our farming lot more successful in the longer term.

 It's not a lot of use having excess pasture growth if we do not manage it correctly. Two essential parts of pasture management are a good pasture composition and the availability of your stock to graze the pasture rather than selective grazing as is the norm. this method results in the better pasture species being overgrazed and a falling quality of the total pasture.

 Two of the better management options are to:

Healthy crops and pastures relate to good soil nutrient levels and these are difficult to assess without soil analysis. The days of using 1 hundredweight of super are gone as there are now the problems of acidity, salinity and soil nutrient imbalances to consider.

 The time is right now to become aware of your properties soils and pasture potential. Planning and your awareness will maximise your properties potential and management options.

 Remember to fail to plan is to plan to fail.

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