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Soil Testing Services include reccomendations to accompany each test:
Reme Soils - LABORATORY TESTING   Current - January 2006
1. Screening & Areas of Concern:- pH water/CaCl2, salinity, soil  texture, Al, Mn, Phosphate, Lime Req

 PLUS Cations    (Magnesium. Calcium, Potassium, Aluminium & Sodium), Cation Exchange 

2. Trace Elements:-            TEST 1  PLUS Zinc, Copper, Iron, Manganese,  Sulphur, Cobalt  

3. Retesting:-                         pH, Lime level, Al, Mn, Phosphate                                       

4. Short crop test:-                 Test No. 3  PLUS nitrate and potassium                            

5. Also:-  By negotiation - eg. Boron, Nitrate, Organic Matter, Physical, Molybdenum

All heavy metals eg. Mercury, Lead, Cadmium etc

OTHER ANALYSES :  Sieve analysis,  Agricultural lime analysis, Heavy metals (Cd, Pb, Ba, Co, Hg, As, Zn, Cu, Mo)  Magnesium content,  Fertilizer contents, moisture, neutralising value, Nitrogen, Organochlorines and contaminants. All results are interpreted for ease of use and normally available within 6 working days from reciept by your Independent specialists.

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