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Plant and Water Testing

The Reme Group is a technology providor for the general agricultural and business community.

Reme access to top quality research in a variety of fields and the principal Rob Cumming has published  in a broad range of important agricultural management areas with concentration on acid soils management. Water and Plant testing is carried out to assist in soil management options. 


1. Screening:-                  pH, electrical conductivity, Total salts

2. General:-                     Test 1  PLUS Na, Ca, K, Fe, Mg, Zn, Cl, carbonates, hardness

3. Irrigation water:-          Test 2  PLUS NO3, P

4. Human consumption:-   Test 3 plus Bacterial analysis

5. Others:-                  By negotiation eg. Nitrate, Phosphates, Boron, dissolved oxygen,
                                  Biological oxygen demand, suspended solids, total dissolved solids


1. General:-                           Including N,P,K, Mg, Cu, Zn, Mn

2. Complete:-                         Test No. 1  PLUS Ca, Na, Fe, Cu

3. Others:-                             By negotiation eg. S, Ca, Mg, Na, Boron, Mo, Co, Cd  etc.

Reme Soils undertakes plant and water analysis for a range of clients and all analyses are interpreted to enable use by the client. 

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