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The Group is a technology provider for the general agricultural and business community.

Soilmaster  has access to top quality research in a variety of fields and the principal Rob Cumming has published in a broad range of important agricultural management areas with concentration on acid soils management.

Conferences and Field Days in Australia will be updated on a regular basis with particular reference to Agriculture and Soils
These conferences and field days will be attended by Soilmaster staff

Orange March 2011 Soil Science Meeting was attended by Rob.

At the meeting, the following paper was presented:

Orange Seminar March 2011.pdf  

The abstract is as follows:

Soilmaster Programme - Orange_Regional_Forum Mar 2011.pdf

  1.  Mudgee Field Days July 
  2. Henty September
  3. On-site Management of Effluent Bi-ennial Every odd year
  4. Orange November
  5. Windellema December

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